CPAP Machine Rental

Auto CPAP machine on rent in Mumbai



Rent per day: Starting from ₹250
Deposit: ₹7000
Delivery: ₹350
The auto cpap on rent has a lot features and benefits which makes it unique from the rest of the cpap machines online.

  • Advanced event detection
  • Opti-Start feature

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Rent per day: Starting from ₹280
Deposit: ₹8400
Delivery: ₹350

  • Bipap AVAPS Automatically adapts to disease progression and changing patient needs.
  • Maintains optimal patient comfort without compromising patient care and efficacy.

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Dreamstation Auto CPAP

Rent per day: Starting from ₹230
Deposit: ₹7000
Delivery: ₹350

  • Daily Progress Feedback displays the length of sleep and progress, designed to motivate the patient in the early days of therapy.
  • Performance Check simplifies in-home device evaluation for easy remote troubleshooting.

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Hire CPAP machine

The Philips BiPAP or the DeVilBliss BiPAP are the auto CPAP machines on rent. They are of high quality and the best available in the market. They are well maintained and undergo several hygine and quality checks at frequent time intervals. Prescription is mandatory to rent sleep apnea CPAP machine. We at HealthOnRent provide CPAP machine rental services in Mumbai and Thane, and your machine will be delivered within 24 hours hassle free so that you can focus on your breathing!

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