Fowler Hospital Bed Rental

1 Rent per day NA
2 Minimum Rental Value NA
3 Lock-in period NA
1 Rent per day 100
2 Minimum Rental Value ₹3000
3 Lock-in period 30
1 Rent per day ₹85
2 Minimum Rental Value ₹7650
3 Lock-in period 90
Refundable Deposit: ₹4000
Shipping Charges:  ₹1500 - ₹2000 depending upon the location

  4.2 | 3 customer reviews

  • In a patient fowler bed; the head as well as leg side of the bed can be raised manually by easy rotate cranks.
  • It is the most suited option for paralytic, stroke & orthopedic patients in hospital as well as home care settings.
  • A foam mattress and 2 side railings are included with this bed.
  • Dimensions: 6-6.5 ft x 3ft x 2ft.
  • To facilitate cleaning and better mattress ventilation as per FDA norms world wide, 4 sections of steel frame with mattress area of CRC strips of 18 gauge is provided.
  • Hooks provided on both sides of his adjustable fowler bed for urine bags.
  • Knee movements and Anti squeeze back rest.
  • Removable laminated Panels on this hospital bed on rent.